Owen Drew Wax Melts


These highly scented wax melts will fill your home with luxurious fragrance for weeks. Simply pop one out and put in the top of an oil burner and enjoy as the beautiful perfume is gently released. Each pack comes with 4 wax melts.

As a company, Owen Drew is always trying plastic-free alternatives and ways of moving away from plastic completely. That’s why they have released these new card boxes for the Wax Melts. Being eco-friendly is one of their many priorities and are making these important changes to better help our environment and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s not the only change though, the new wax melts themselves are slightly bigger meaning you get a little extra burn time at no extra cost. What’s not to love?

As with all Owen Drew Wax Melts, they only ever use 100% natural vegan soy wax and the finest fragrances which are vegan friendly and cruelty free.