SVP Nirvana Large Pink Quartz Silver Ring


These stunning emerald cut slim adjustable rings are timeless style from day to night. Style with jeans and a classic tee or go full on after dark glamour. Stack up with other Nirvana rings and create your own personalised look.

Each adjustable ring comes with a bespoke SVP gift box and gemstone meaning card.

It’s all in the detail:

Gemstone size: 10mm x 5mm approx.
Metal: Recycled Sterling Silver
Size: Fits any finger

How to size SVP adjustable rings

Size is everything. To keep your SVP rings in tip-top condition please use SVP’s ring sizer to size all SVP rings.

Crystal meaning

Pink Quartz — Look after me.


Pink Quartz is a crystal of warm gentle love, nurturing wounds of the heart and is said to bring calmness and clarity to your body after a trauma.

It promotes forgiveness and harmony.

Chakra: Heart

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