Enamel Copenhagen Lola Necklace Dreamy


Lola necklace is a fine chain with small enamels. The necklace provides a fine detail and can be perfectly combined with other necklaces. Note: Be aware NOT to wear our Lola styles in the shower when you sleep and too close to perfumes and creams, as the enamel can change color and structure. The dreamy colors, which include shades such as pink, orange, green, blue and beige, form a dreamy palette that encapsulates a sense of adventure and fantasy. The dreamy colors evoke a feeling of stepping into a fairytale world where reality and fantasy merge. The Lola necklace is good together with other chains, but is just as good alone.

Colour: Dreamy
Quality: 18k Gold-Plated 925 Sterling Silver (93% recycled Sterling Silver) and Enamel
Dimensions: 38 + 2 + 2 cm

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