Born Living Yoga Jacket Coat


Coat with water-repellent fabric (waterproof 1000mm) and windproof fabric (windstopper) with a matte finish. Thermo-sealed padded bands with “heat seal” technology. Side pockets with hidden zipper. Surround neck great comfort. Side piece for a perfect fitting. Vegan filling.

  • · Sustainable fibres
  • · TPU Membrane
  • · Waterproof 1000 mm
  • · Windstopper
  • · Extra soft touch
  • · Warm fabric
  • · Vegan

Composition: 10% Polyester.

Born Living Yoga’s Commitment:

“We produce our garments from sustainable fibres that hardly require water, both in their production and during the subsequent life cycle. We use quality fabrics, which do not require chemical treatments, reducing water consumption and avoiding the detachment of micro-plastics in washings.”